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Agile Tools

Hierarchies and Reports For Jira

Full view of linked issues, Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps, Epics, Stories, Subtasks

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Agile Tools Hierarchy and Reports

Links Hierarchy
View the full hierarchy of Linked issues, Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps
Epic Sum Up
View of Epics Sum-up/Hierarchy in a tree.
Time in Status
Identify the issues which are taking more time by tracking their time spent in each status and time spent with each assignee, and take appropriate actions.
Worklogs & Timesheets
Worklog data within a specific data range for different projects. Group, categorize and filter the data.
Robust Features

Issue Hierarchies

Epic Hierarchy :- View/Manage roll up for standard Jira hierarchy. Epic -> User Story -> Subtask
Links Hierarchy :- View/Manage roll up for hierarchy (up to 10 levels), based on your Portfolio/Advanced Roadmaps/Issue Links parent child relationship.

Robust Features

Time In Status

Track your bottleneck Issues & Processes with multiple time in status reports. Group your statuses to define your own lead/cycle/resolution time.

Robust Features

Worklogs & Timesheets

Worklog reports within a specific date range for different projects.
Group, categorize and filter the data.
Timesheet to view and enter time spent for all your issues from a single place

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